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The Revolutionary DT ROM (Range Of Motion)

DT ROM is a unique design footplate that can be connected to the DT Scanner via Bluetooth and aids the scanning process facilitating accurate and automated measurement taking of all foot shapes and conditions.

While scanning a foot, if you place it on a flat screen, the scan results cannot give you accurate data for anomalies caused by conditions like Charcot foot etc. You then have to take measurements to figure out the exact calculations.

With DT ROM, you can say goodbye to manual measurement taking. It allows you to scan every detail, measuring every aspect of the foot, no matter what the condition- seamlessly and accurately.

How To Set Up DT ROM

Now you are all set.

How The ROM Works

Once the DT ROM is connected to the DT Scanner application, it will read every aspect of the foot placed on the footplate of the ROM, while scanning through the Scanner, storing maximum values for Dorsiflexion, Plantar flexion, Pronation and Supination.