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DT Scanner: An Unparalleled Scanning Experience

If you’re a clinician, then you know how important it is to have the best tools available to you. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the DT Scanner – a 3D data acquisition software solution that will make your job easier than ever before. With this tool, you’ll be able to collect data more quickly and easily, delivering better results for your patients.

DT Scanner is the best 3D Scanning solution in the market developed for human movement and foot/lower-limb health clinicians for ease of operation and overall performance of their uninterrupted digial workflow.


Removing Artefacts

We have spent a lot of time working on our uninterrupted digial workflow.
Once the scan is complete we:

  • Remove all artefacts from the scan, before sending STL to the web portal.
    • Time saving when importing, no need to spend the time cleaning up and removing artefacts
  • Enhance the model by filling any holes.
    • One less operation, once import is complete.
  • In the case of a AFO scan we measure the Foot Length, Foot Width, and circumference
    • You can select to have a PDF with measurements that’s uploaded to the scan folder.

How DT Scanner Works

DT Scanner uses iPad and Structure sensors. It directly imports data into CAD software without needing file conversion and integrates a Data-base driven order form for the medical, AT and orthopaedic devices. The application stores data in safe and secure cloud storage, available for the authorised person anytime, anywhere.

DT Scanner allows a multisite clinical organisation to have access to a common scanned files database for all authorised clinicians from multiple locations seamlessly. So, no loss of data if the iPad is lost or broken.

Sharing data within your organisation

DT Scanner iPad application automatically syncs all your data to the web portal. This works both online or off-line.
In off-line mode the application stores the data, once internet is connected will sync the data.
Everyone within the team has assess to the same data.

The web portal allows you to send files to any manufacture. This sends a link to your favourite Central fabricating company. They login and download your files to their hard drive. Using DT Scanner we have eliminated the security risks we all face by sending patient sensitive data via email.


DT Scanner savings

Only pay once

You only pay for the STL files. We wanted this to be a fair system. DT Scanner has taken the approach, that payment for a STL should only be paid once.
DT Scanner web portal STL’s can be previewed and downloaded. When downloading files you only pay for the STL’s, images and videos are a free download.

If your Central fabricating company (CFab) downloads and pays for your STL file, the web portal shows a “Paid” icon on your STL’s and you can download them free of charge.
This also work the opposite way, if you pay then the CFab will not be charged.

Deliver Higher Performance With DT ROM

DT Scanner when used with DT ROM delivers better results. It captures Range of Motion (ROM) data and shows the real-time numerical dimensional and ROM data of the scanned body parts on screen. The duo captures Pedograph data and clinicians can lock the limb position at desired alignment while scanning.