The first step is to create a login on the DT Scanner web portal.
Once this has been setup then download the iPad app from the App Store

Our main focus is on acquiring the 3D scan data. So we have tokens for downloading the STL files and this is only paid once.
There is a monthly cost for our platform see pricing.
If you wish us to host all your data we have 3 levels

  1. 15 gig
  2. 1TB
  3. 3 TB

We have 3 types of users

  1. Organizations
    • Can have unlimited practitioners 
  2. Individuals 
    • Stand alone practitioner
  3. Designers 
    • Can have unlimited users

Within the organisation all files are accessible to all practitioners. In this way clinicians have access to all patients files.

We are setting a new standard in transferring files for CFab (Central fabrication Unit). As we all know sending patient centric files via email is very insecure. We have built DT Scanner web portal with the ability to add the CFab email and select files. The CFab will receive an email with a notification that there are files to be downloaded. With DT scanner with portal no files are transferred outside of DT scanner. The CFab can download the files directly to their hard drive, save and securely.