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DT Scanner web portal

The hub for DT Scanner

This is the hub for both individuals, organisations and Central fabricating companies. The web portal has been designed for everyone in mind.

With on-going tightening of compliances, we took this in to consideration when building the web portal with point to point file transfer. No files are sent by email. As we all know when email is sent your sensitive patient data could be sitting on multiple email servers.

DT Scanner iPad application syncs all the files to the web portal. With a built in file manager where new files can be added we have an easy way of managing all your patients data.

Central fabricating companies can login and download all files that are linked to them.


An Individual is a practitioner that does not belong to an organisation. We have built this so that anyone can use DT Scanner on it’s own.

In the design phase we came across a case where an Individual would want to use DT Scanner without belonging to an organisation.

To resolve such cases, we have built the ability for organisations to link an individual. When this is done, all the data from the Individual is available to everyone within the organisation.


An organisation is where you can have multiple practitioners, sharing the same data.

Data sharing is a major advantage and time saving when assessing the same data within the file manager.
The file manager works just like your computer file manager, add folders and files in a way that works for your organisation.
Things like ‘order form’ could be added to folders when sending files to Central fabricating companies (CFab’s).

The owner has access to the settings page where they can:

  1. Manage Users of Your Organization.
  2. Add Storage Subscriptions
  3. Automatically add tokens
  4. See all transactions

Central fabricating (CFab’s)

A Central fabricating company (CFab) is a different organisation structure.
Since CFab webportal has users, we have built in that the owner can limit who can buy the tokens.

We designed CFabs to manage folders of files.
In the dashboard we show:

  1. List of files that need to be downloaded as a quick start.
  2. Files downloaded
  3. Files to be downloaded
  4. Folders revived

In the file manager we have a lot going on, here is a list:

  1. Search for data
  2. Filter based on dates
  3. Filter based on transactions. Received or Downloaded
  4. Each order shows transaction ID, Received from, customer reference number, Description, and date.
  5. Quick view, this shows the contents of the folder

We believe this is a game changer for CFab’s.
One place to manage orders from clinicians all over the world.